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Before you do anything, the recipient should have a bowel movement (if necessary) and repeat anal douching (enemas) until the water comes out clear. Then wash, of course. Be sure to use a lot of thick, water-based lubrication, like KY Jelly. The giver should not have long or sharp fingernails—use medical gloves if that’s an issue.

Start with sensuous swirling of your fingertip around the anus and at the entrance. Press the finger slowly inside, a little at a time. The prostate is found a couple inches inside toward the front of the belly, as seen in the illustrations. It isn’t always easy to find. It may feel like a round, firm mass. If you’re not sure, explore until you find a spot that gives him special pleasure. You’ll know by the sounds he makes!

Don’t rub the prostate any harder than you would rub your own eyeball; you don’t want to cause injury. Sometimes it feels better to rub around the circumference of the organ rather than directly on it. It is also sometimes better simply to move the finger in and out of the anus, which stimulates the whole area and the prostate indirectly. The recipient should verbalize what feels best at any given moment. Oral sex or masturbation at the same time as anal fingering are both pleasurable and can quickly bring a man to orgasm.

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